Bunshiri 芸能活動英映像

I started my work in Japan's Entertainment since 2003 , Many times that I speak about my country's culture.And I'm so proud of it.

So I will try my best to present my country and also making you laugh.So, Please support and help me to be success in this career.
Thank you so much.



Ex : Do something crazy

☆Japan TV Show - Tobidase  World Monitor☆

♪...แม้จะล้มก้อคิดจะคลาน เหงื่อจะซ่านกระเซ็น
ถ้าคิดแล้วคุ้ม.... ขอไปเป็นอย่างหวัง....♪ 
ก้อขำกันไป ก้อฮากันไป

This is one of the show that made me sick but totally worth it!! Coz they laugh!!